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Dedicated system for ophthalmologists


Clinically proven technology


Safe & effective treatment


Long-term results


No disposables

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Minimal Risk, Minimal Pain

Simultaneous contact cooling utilizes a comfortable cold sapphire tip that cools the skin during treatment for longer treatment times while minimizing the risk of superficial burns, resulting in more comfortable and efficient treatment for patients.


Ergonomic Design for Ideal Performance

A dedicated, compact and ergonomic applicator makes administering the treatment comfortable for practitioners and offers maximum visibility of the treatment area. It also features an ideal 3cm² spot size for fast and precise treatment as well as full coverage without overlap.


OptiClear procedures can be performed via a stationary delivery method or using Alma's proprietary In-motion(TM) technique for gradual heat build-up and increased patient comfort.


  • Targeted, narrow  band spectrum

  • Versatile treatment options: stationary or in-motion

  • No consumables

  • Proven IPL technology

  • Solid, reliable platform supported by multiple clinical studies

  • Ergonomic applicator

  • Painless

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