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what OptiClear users say about IPL therapy:

F Kretz.png
"Since OptiClear, our Sicca patients have a clear perspective again."

Dr. med. Florian Kretz (FEBO), Augentagesklinik Rheine -

With the Opticlear Intense Pulsed Light I treat my patients with dry eye and blepharitis effectively, easily and safely. The patients show a clear relief in the symptoms and objectively improve both the quality of the tear film and palpebral alterations. With long-lasting results!"
dra hervas.jpg

Dr. Ana Hervás Ontiveros, clínica Eón Oftalmología de Valencia  -

The IPL is considered to be the most successful therapy for dry eye and blepharitis."

Dr. Fabia Müller-Groh, Competence Center for IPL -

During our pilot study with the Opticlear IPL, we included 4 patients with MGD that we had given up. They had tried all kinds of treatments over the years and we had nothing more to offer to them except IPL. We treated them with the Opticlear with very good results."

Dr. Kaare Vigander, Stavanger, Norway -

"OptiClear is an IPL system that provides very good clinical results in the treatment of dry eye; it is safe, effective, simple, agile, fast and comfortable."

Dr. Francisco Pastor Pascual, Valencia, Spain -

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